household survey


Types of intervention / Equipment :

  • Mail-out survey
  • CAPI
  • CATI
  • CAWI


Alyce  carries out standardized (CERTU) household mobility surveys. (HMS, GRMS) and bases its work on a experienced team which has developped a baseline method

Types of collection:
- Household Mobility Survey, « face to  face » on location (HMS standard)
- Household Mobility Survey « by phone »
- Internet Survey (opinion, perception, and collection of mobility)

Alyce develops real time or post-processing modules which guarantee quality and cohesive results .

New technologies

Types of intervention / Equipment :

  • Mobile App
  • Big Data : processing massive data


Alyce is constantly thinking about new methods and new survey tools. Backed by its R&D hub Project Factory, Alyce innovates by  developping a mobile app :
- Facilitates access to survey
- Records and stores GPS positions
- Budget optimization(reduction of pre/post processing)
- Improvement of the pertinence of qualitative data
- Autonomous digital solution
- Decrease in field interventions