Smart camera 4.0 and eco-friendly for traffic analysis

Analysing traffic from a video stream is a method that is developing rapidly. Road surveillance cameras provide accurate and comprehensive traffic analysis for transport operators or communities. Smart Cameras are replacing traditional traffic monitoring and counting devices such as tubes, electromagnetic loops, radars, etc. because they are more efficient.  

When many cameras are placed in the field, the problem of equipment management arises. This is because if the cameras are not connected to the electrical network, it is necessary to check the battery levels regularly. These levels can fluctuate depending on the weather conditions, thus requiring technical intervention in the field and round trips by a team. 

Comment rendre cette opération plus respectueuse de l’environnement ?

Place à l’Internet des Objets et aux Smart Cameras pour y répondre. Le fait de connecter toutes les caméras entre elles en les couplant à un tableau de bord intelligent permet de communiquer en temps réel. Par conséquent, les tournées de maintenance sont plus efficaces et le remplacement des composants optimisé.


A more energy-efficient camera

First of all, a low energy connection limits the power consumption of the camera. Secondly, the use of a state-of-the-art communication module makes it possible to retrieve information while optimising costs. 

A connected camera

An intelligent supervision dashboard makes it easy to manage the entire installed base. The connected camera displays its location, its status and the status of the power pack. In addition, an end-of-load forecast is used to maintain a 100% service level, as well as all information from the current survey. The camera becomes Smart!

smart camera for urban traffic analysis

An eco-friendly, next-generation camera

Thanks to these technical and technological optimisations, the number of trips to check the equipment is limited. The installed base of Smart Cameras, spread throughout the country, is monitored in real time. Maintenance is optimised, and the associated carbon footprint is reduced. Predictive maintenance can also be considered from this perspective. 


A camera made in France

Each service provider involved in the production of the Smart Cameras is selected according to a matrix that favours short supply lines and manufacturing in France.

Simon, Workshop Manager at ALYCE

Smart Cameras by ALYCE are designed and assembled in France. All development is done by our R&D team, with daily feedback from the teams in the field in order to be as close as possible to their concerns.  

This new range of cameras provides the agility and adaptability we need to be as efficient as possible and brings us closer to Industry 4.0!  


Do you want to analyse traffic accurately while reducing the associated environmental footprint?

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