Mobile application for trip tracking

ALYCE has designed a newservice for conducting mobility surveys, based on massive data collection via smartphone: the H2S application.

Characteristics of the modules //

The H2S mobile application reconstructs the journeys of its users: origin – destination, modes of travel and motives. This innovative collection method can complement or even replace traditional survey methods (telephone or face-to-face questionnaires).

GPS position

Reconstruction of user timelines


Advantages //

A fun and GDPR compliant app
➡️ Benefit to the user
A complete monitoring platform
➡️ Benefit to the ordering party
An intuitive back office
➡️ Benefit to the data analyst

Moving from a declarative to an observational approach

Significant sample group extension

Fewer interventions in the field

Observations of longer travel periods

Optimisation of the survey budget

Data processing in compliance with the GDPR

Use cases //

Summer survey to monitor the movements of people present on the territory of Corsica (residents and summer visitors)

A survey on the daily mobility of Corsican residents was carried out outside the summer period (October 2016 – April 2017). This survey was carried out according to the EDVM (Enquête Déplacements Ville Moyenne) standard of CEREMA. Tourism activity generates many trips, which were not in the 2016 / 2017 survey, since it only covered residents and focused on working days (Monday to Friday), excluding school holiday periods. The objective of this new survey is to complete the knowledge of travel in Corsica, by focusing on the summer period, in order to better understand the typology, characteristics and volumes of travel during these periods.

The use of the mobile application developed by ALYCE made it possible to reach both residents and summer visitors and to follow the movements of the respondents over 7 consecutive days.

Data collected

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