A software suite for on-demand traffic analysis through video processing.

  • This new exclusive service empowers any mobility operator to independently conduct the surveys they wish to carry out.
  • This suite consists of a video submission platform and an interactive analysis tool to perform various types of measurements in a deferred manner.
  • This system allows for the production of mobility statistics and enables interaction for the purpose of understanding traffic flows for planning, development, modeling, or road safety purposes.

Local authorities

To conduct ad hoc data collection on mobility independently.

Design consultancies

To produce the necessary field data for urban planning studies or modeling independently.

Infrastructure operators

To supplement existing data sources through on-demand spot counts.

Throughput & volumes

  • Sectional counts
  • Directional counts


  • Motorized vehicles: Car, Truck, Bus, Utility vehicle, Motorcycle
  • Active modes: Bicycle, Pedestrian


  • Speed by class
  • Travel time
  • Occupancy time

Behavioral analysis

  • Trajectories
  • Turnover rate
  • Alerts

Statistical data


1. Preparation

Selection of videos to analyze: non-obscured areas, from fixed cameras.

2. Upload

Uploading videos to the secure Alyce Video Transfer platform, configuring the analysis project.


Extraction of video metadata by ALYCE's proprietary AI (in France).

4. Analysis

Visualization of results and access to advanced analysis tools within the interactive user interface.


  • Traffic study
  • Urban planning
  • Road safety
  • Mobility statistics
  • Indicators for simulation tools

Points forts

  • Data processed in France, on ALYCE's secure computing servers
    Reduced carbon footprint of processing thanks to a patented process
  • Applicable to any type of movement flow analysis (dedicated and shared lanes) including complex urban layouts
  • Behavioral indicators
  • Traffic analysis solution by Artificial Intelligence selected by CEREMA (French research center for transport and mobility)

Use cases //


Directional Count & behaviour analysis In mixed traffic


Lane-based counting and speed analysis by category.

Pedestrian zone

Counting of active modes (bicycles, pedestrians) and analysis of trajectories.


Directional count by drone

They're using Observer Survey //

Regular traffic studies: counting and behavioral analysis of active modes (bicycles, pedestrians) in the Netherlands.

One-time traffic counting and analysis in Benin.

Analysis of urban infrastructure and road safety through video processing.

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