Measure the flows of active travel to organise their movements

Bicycle and pedestrian counts //

Active travel counts measure and quantify the flow of pedestrians, bicycles and other motorised and non-motorised personal transport devices. The frequency of the survey and its duration can be adjusted from a few hours to several weeks in order to obtain reliable and representative measurements (hourly and daily averages, identification of peak days and times, analysis of specific periods: weekends, holidays, etc.).


Automatic counts: cameras, infrared sensors, tubes
Manual counts: surveyors with counters.

Origin - destination survey for active travel //

The origin - destination survey by interview can, through the administration of a short and targeted questionnaire, identify the starting and ending point of the user's journey. It allows preparation of OD matrices according to the desired level of breakdown: municipality, iris zone, street, etc. It can also provide a qualitative assessment of various related subjects: the user's relationship with his or her mode of transport, his or her travel conditions, etc. 


Surveyors with PDAs or tablets.

Marwan Chehimi

Manager of the Paris branch

Marwan is the head of the production agency in the Northern France region . He oversees all of the agency’s activities with a specialization in new data collection technologies.
Marwan will make every effort to support field surveys and counting to quickly deliver reliable results.

Olivier Carbonaro

Manager of the Lyon branch

Olivier directs the “Grand Sud” production agency in France. Experienced in all methods of field data collection, he supervises all activities from customer relations to the delivery of results.
Let  Olivier accompany you field study projects to have precise and reliable measurements!

We count bicycles, pedestrians and other active travel to help decision making.
Analyse and monitor the evolution of active mobility