Measuring passenger flow on public transport

Onboard passenger counts //

Onboard counting provides the number of passengers per stop and per service on public transport lines. This counting can be done in all types of public transport: Tram, RER, Bus, Coach, Trains, Shuttles, etc.).


Automatic counts: cameras
Manual survey: surveyors with tablets, PDA

Passenger counts on entry/exit //

The counting of entries/exits (train, bus, tram) provides the number of passengers per stop, service and line.


Automatic counts: cameras
Manual counts: surveyors with tablets

Marwan Chehimi

Manager of the Paris branch

Marwan is the head of the production agency in the Northern France region . He oversees all of the agency’s activities with a specialization in new data collection technologies.
Marwan will make every effort to support field surveys and counting to quickly deliver reliable results.

Olivier Carbonaro

Manager of the Lyon branch

Olivier directs the “Grand Sud” production agency in France. Experienced in all methods of field data collection, he supervises all activities from customer relations to the delivery of results.
Let  Olivier accompany you field study projects to have precise and reliable measurements!

We measure the flow of passengers on public transport.
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