Establish a regional analysis to understand mobility behaviour

cerema certified mobility surveys (EMC²) //

ALYCE carries out standardised CEREMA household travel surveys. It relies on an experienced team that masters all the methods necessary for this type of mission:
Face-to-face surveys: surveyors are mandated to go to the homes of the people interviewed and accompany them in filling out the CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) questionnaire on a digital tablet.
Telephone surveys: surveys carried out from our certified call centre (with nearly 50 booths). Located on our premises, it is equipped with a CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) system developed exclusively for this purpose.
Web questionnaires: CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) surveys sent by email to the respondent where the respondent logs on to a dedicated online site.


Real-time or post-processing modules developed in-house guarantee the quality and consistency of the results.


We conduct large-scale surveys to understand mobility
Analyse in detail the travel habits in your area

Christian Biyot

Manager of Household Travel Surveys