A team of experts in Artificial Intelligence Software Development computer vision  datavisualisation web development  mobile development 

ALYCE is also a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Signal processing Computer vision and in Web/Mobile development. Our solutions bring innovation and automating to solve all matters about traffic count and survey.
We develop disruptive tools using technologies such as Internet of Things, algoritms, Big Data,
video analysis and cloud to fulfill Smart Cities, Public operators or Design consultancies needs.

Software //

Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision

Multimodal automated counts
Automated Classification and Tracking
Embedded Technology

Big Data + Observatory of mobility

Multi-source Data fusion
Mobility Barometer
Data visualisation Dedicated platform

Mobile app.

New data collecting mode for
household surveys

Floating Car Data

OD matrices

Hardware //

Smart Cameras

Counts and traffic analysis Smart cameras


Drone fleet for complex counting cases : interchange, junction, roundabout

Specific hardware or software development

Smart cameras, AI-powered softwares, Computer Vision and Signal treatment, Big Data, Mobile Apps.

We develop softwares to automate all analysis operations.
Let's talk about your challenges, we sure have a digital solution for you !

Benoît Berthe

Director Innovation

Benoit is the company’s mechanical engineering expert. He has led large R&D projects, particularly in the automotive field for 11+ years.
Benoit leads the Innovation department at Alyce to provide you with the most advanced technologies and techniques to collect reliable and
accurate mobility data.