Understanding user behaviour in public transport

Self-administered origin - destination surveys //

Self-administered origin - destination surveys provide information on the use of the public transport network by analysing the departure (origin) and arrival (destination) stops. Additional information such as age, municipality of residence, reason for travel, time of departure, possession of a ticket, route taken or mode of access is also collected. This collection is used in the reconstruction of accurate origin-destination matrices applied to a public transport line.


Manual survey: surveyors with coupons

OD surveys

Face-to-face origin-destination surveys //

F to F surveys

The origin - destination survey by interview can, through the administration of a short and targeted questionnaire, identify the starting and ending point of the user's journey. It allows the preparation of origin - destination matrices according to the desired level of breakdown: municipality, iris zone, street, etc. It can also provide a qualitative assessment of various related subjects: the user's relationship with his or her mode of transport, and his or her travel conditions, in particular by preparing an origin-destination matrix.


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Specific surveys //

We offer specific survey services to analyse journey times, qualify lost time (congestion, illegal parking, etc.) and passenger exchange times, fraud, and supply surveys.

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