Increase your traffic analysis power with
artificial intelligence

ALYCE has developed an automatic counting solution that combines image analysis and artificial intelligence to provide accuracy, processing speed and computing power. The challenges applied to the field of mobility are numerous and complex. Thanks to our team of Data Scientists, our video analysis software takes the possibilities offered by technology to the next level, to meet the requirements of Smart Cities.

Local authorities
and Mobility Services

Having mobility statistics to organise mobility on a territory

Traffic control centers

Act via a real-time system to improve traffic flow or raise alarms

The operators
of road infrastructure

Provide a real-time view of the traffic situation and act on it

Public transport network
and operators public transport

Analyse traffic and help operating systems to perform


To propose a global Smart City offer. Rely on mobility experts who have proven solutions that are used in the field

Engineering firms

Conducting all types of mobility studies

A software that combines image processing algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase tenfold our capacity to collect and process mobility data, initially for our own use, but which has very quickly become a tool requested by cities and transport operators.
This software meets all the requirements of the traffic data collection and analysis business. ALYCE operators use this software on a daily basis to produce results. The emphasis was therefore placed on the user experience, on the latitude of parameterisation and on the dynamic visualisation of results.

The software meets 2 recurrent uses:

The processing of deferred data from video acquisition. Use found for studies, surveys, counts, observatories. The software is installed "on-premise" at the user's premises, who will use its computing units to process the data.

The real-time data processing. Use found in traffic control PCs and connected operating systems. The software brick is applied to a continuous incoming video stream before sending the data to an external dashboard.

The aim of this video analysis software is to carry out automatic counts directly from existing videos and to measure travel flows accurately at a lower cost.

The user is able to :

  • See live what the software will do before going into production
  • Launch one or more videos “in production” for data processing
  • Export data in real time
  • Interact with the results dynamically
  • Modify object classes
  • Nurture DeepLearning


We have a team of engineers who develop and train our AI according to the state of the art and who rely on feedback from field technicians and traffic engineers.
The idea: Producing data is not an end in itself. Producing the right data to feed traffic models or planning decisions, on the other hand, is one of our core competecnies

The artificial intelligence software we have developed makes it easy to categorise multimodal traffic according to the following classification:

  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorised two-wheelers
  • Bicycles
  • Pedestrians


Other classes can be analysed as for example :

new mobilities such as scooters, electric single-wheels, cargo bikes, people with reduced mobility.

Advantage //

  • Intelligent system that adapts to any installation: locally (on edge) or centrally (on-premise)
  • Data available 24/7, day & night
  • Cost-effective data delivery
  • Easy to install and minimally intrusive: 0 civil engineering required
  • Energy-saving: system patented by INPI


Appropriate the most advanced technologies to provide an ever more precise vision and enriched data concerning mobility flows in a territory.
This reliable field data allows our clients to make decisions concerning the development, urban planning or connectivity of the city of tomorrow, based on data and user needs.

Our products //


New generation sensor for real time traffic analysis


Suite logicielle d’analyse du trafic par traitement vidéo, à la demande

We are specialists in video processing applied to mobility
Let's talk about your counting projects, we have the solutions!

Benoit Berthe

R&D Manager

Benoit is the company’s mechanical engineering expert. He has led large R&D projects, particularly in the automotive field for 11+ years.
Benoit leads the Innovation department at Alyce to provide you with the most advanced technologies and techniques to collect reliable and
accurate mobility data.

    Protection of personal data

    Data privacy in accordance with the guidelines of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) is at the centre of all our IT developments (privacy by design). The data is anonymised by encryption and processed immediately. As a result, no images are stored. Contact the Alyce DPO