Geo-display platform for your mobility data

ALYCE publishes SaaS software that combines a business GIS with powerful statistical analysis tools. Designed by and for mobility and traffic engineering professionals, the MyGIS data visualisation platform meets the specific needs of cartographic modelling, the application of statistical models and the exploitation of data.

Intuitive and precise interface //

The information collected is centralised in a single tool, to save time in the regional analysis of travel.

  • Modelling

    Visual statistics adapted to the representation of mobility data
    Interactive maps
    O/D analyses
    Accessibility calculations
    Isochronous maps

  • Centralisation

    Aggregated information with multi-source data input.
    Traditional surveys and counts: road, public transport, EMC2
    NICT data: FCD, GSM
    Socio-demographic data
    Open Data

  • Powerful

    Powerful and comprehensive analysis engine.
    Ideal for conducting GIS studies with macros, data cross-referencing, advanced mobility and supply-side analysis, display of data from surveys and counts.

  • Accessible

    Thanks to the SaaS platform model, users can access their data from anywhere and from any type of terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

  • UX Design

    The user experience has been designed to be smooth and simple so that anyone can get started quickly.

ALYCE makes your field data readable and accessible

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Rendering & modelling available //

They use MYGIS //

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Julie Vegas

GIS expert

Julie is ALYCE’s GIS and data visualization expert.
She has 10+ years of experience in GIS applied to Transport and now heads the software solutions department for data analysis and dataviz.
Let Julie’s advice guide you to create the dashboard(s) that will allow you to showcase your data!