Quantifying traffic to act on road infrastructure

Sectional counts //

Sectional counting allows the quantification of traffic through single or two-way counts, the classification of vehicles, and the measurement of speed and distance between vehicles, etc. The frequency and duration of the survey can be adjusted from a few hours to several weeks in order to obtain reliable and representative measurements (hourly and daily averages, identification of peak days and times, analysis of specific periods: weekends, holidays, etc.).


Automatic counts: tubes, cameras, radars
Manual counts: surveyors

Sectional counts

Directional counts //

The directional counting allows the totality of turning movements at a junction to be recorded, whatever its layout (crossroads, traffic lights, roundabout, etc.).


Manual counting: direct sight, number plate recognition (NPR)
Automatic counting: cameras, drones

Specific counts //

We offer customised counting services to analyse specific categories of vehicles (vehicles transporting dangerous goods, exceptional convoys, agricultural machinery, etc.).

Marwan Chehimi

Manager of the Paris branch

Marwan is the head of the production agency in the Northern France region . He oversees all of the agency’s activities with a specialization in new data collection technologies.
Marwan will make every effort to support field surveys and counting to quickly deliver reliable results.

Olivier Carbonaro

Manager of the Lyon branch

Olivier directs the “Grand Sud” production agency in France. Experienced in all methods of field data collection, he supervises all activities from customer relations to the delivery of results.
Let Olivier accompany you field study projects to have precise and reliable measurements!

We have been working in the field and measuring mobility for 20 years.
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