Leader in mobility surveys for 20 years

Analysing and understanding mobility on a territory or a transport network involves characterising the targeted user flows. Mobility surveys provide a better understanding of the nature and profile of trips and users for the mode of transport concerned.
ALYCE assists its customers in choosing the type of collection to be carried out. Traditional collection methods and “new technologies”, both mastered by ALYCE are often complementary. The surveys conducted may involve all modes of transport: road, public transport, active traveland multimodal mobility.

Roads //

Traffic surveys provide a snapshot at a given moment in time, helping to make decisions in the context of regional development projects: infrastructure, urban development, etc. 



Directional, automatic and manual counts


Surveys of supply, occupancy or turnover


Surveys to establish Origin - Destination matrices

Journey time

Survey of journey time between two points on a route

Public transport //

Measuring mobility on public transport.


Measurement of attendance, entry/exit, behavioural observation


Journey times, fraud, supply survey, time at platform, etc.

Active travel //

Mobility survey applied to pedestrians, bicycles, personal transport devices.

Surveys & counts

Counting, measuring attendance, interviewing, etc.


Survey of supply, occupancy and turnover

Specific surveys //

Standardised or customised household surveys for qualitative studies on user behaviour.


Household surveys face-to-face, by telephone or by Internet

Customised surveys

Declared preference surveys with innovative response collection

A unique pool of equipment //



ANPR survey cameras

Counting cameras & drones

Mobile equipment


Hardened PDAs

Road sensors

Road sensors

Pneumatic tube meters

Bluetooth sensors

Active travel sensors

Pneumatic tube meters

Infrared sensors

Marwan Chehimi

Manager of the Paris branch

The head of the production agency in the Northern France region. He oversees all of the agency’s activities with a specialization in new data collection technologies.
Marwan will make every effort to support field surveys and counting to quickly deliver reliable results.

Olivier Carbonaro

Manager of the Lyon branch

Olivier directs the “Grand Sud” production agency in France. Experienced in all methods of field data collection, he supervises all activities from customer relations to the delivery of results.
Let  Olivier accompany you field study projects to have precise and reliable measurements!

Christian Biyot

Manager of Travel Surveys

Christian is our household survey expert, a service he has been running for 20 years.A long-standing partner of CEREMA, particularly for  ”EMC2” surveys,
Christian will bring industry expertise to advise you on the deployment and all useful methods of surveys in your territory!

We have an appropriate range of tools to conduct all types of collections.
Qualitative and quantitative surveys, discover the solution that suits you!