Geolocation for traffic analysis

Thanks to its partnership with HERE Technologies, ALYCE exploits “FCD” (Floating Car Data) to conduct accurate mobility studies. The position, speed and direction data of vehicles, cars and trucks are used to:
Find out the traffic conditions (speeds and journey times) Etablir des matrices origine – destination.

Traffic analysis with FCD //

The FCD make it possible to monitor areas of congestion and to take action to ease traffic congestion.

Traffic speed and journey times

Origin - Destination Matrices

Congestion of roads

Included for all FCD missions

Monitoring & Adjustment of data

Advantages //

  • No equipment installation

  • Easy identification of routes

  • Cost-effective and quick to implement

  • Data collected up to N-5 years: facilitates comparisons with a reference state

Use cases //

Are you interested in FCD applied to mobility studies?
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Sébastien Gomes

Business Development Manager

Sébastien is one of our experts in traffic engineering, a field in which he has worked for +15 years.
He guides and directs the commercial development of Alyce.
Sébastien will be able to advise and guide you in all your mobility observation projects!