Optimising parking in a district, a town, a conurbation


The supply survey makes it possible to locate and count the number of legal spaces available within the study area. The survey also makes it possible to characterise this parking supply: regulations: free, paid, blue zone, specific use: two-wheelers, deliveries, cash in transit, PRM, etc.
The "occupancy" survey (several photos at different times of the day), makes it possible to locate and count the number of places occupied at different times of the day. Occupancy rates and congestion rates (with observed illegal parking) can thus be calculated.
The turnover survey measures the occupancy time of each parking space in the surveyed area over the survey period. In addition to turnover rates, the structure of users, arrival/departure movements and consumption of supply can be established.
The "compliance" survey provides data on the rate of payment of parking fees.
The "search time" survey measures the time spent by motorists to find a parking space.


Manual survey: surveyors with PDAs or tablets

Marwan Chehimi

Manager of the Paris branch

Marwan is the head of the production agency in the Northern France region . He oversees all of the agency’s activities with a specialization in new data collection technologies.
Marwan will make every effort to support field surveys and counting to quickly deliver reliable results.

Olivier Carbonaro

Manager of the Lyon branch

Olivier directs the “Grand Sud” production agency in France. Experienced in all methods of field data collection, he supervises all activities from customer relations to the delivery of results.
Let  Olivier accompany you field study projects to have precise and reliable measurements!

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