A overall view of traffic thanks to aerial photography

With thegoal to offer a full packaged service for traffic analysis, ALYCE gota complete dronefleet for a precise vision of flow. It is adapted for directionnal counts of complex roundabouts requiring a whole team to manally do the field survey Drone campaigns enable to reach high precision level for the countings. Origin destination. Drone survey are also really helpful to give a more qualitative understanding of user behaviours.

Drone video analysis //

ALYCE own a drone fleet for aerial data aquisition campaigns and handle all aspects about security and governmental consents :

  • Fixed drone : wired connexion, illimited autonomy 
  • Autonomous drone : on battery 

Flight permits

Full responsibility for the administrative file

Towards Prefecture, Ministry of Defense...

Benefits //

  • More economical than a traditional approach

  • Optimal visibility of all vehicles

  • Identify a succession of junctions

Use cases //

Analysis of traffic by drone in Béziers Origin - destination counts at Allées Riquet x Joffre x Wilson

In the context of the O/D study on the Allées Riquet junction in Béziers, a camera on a mast was not suitable because the junction was too extensive: the most distant branches would not have been visible enough.
Therefore, the solution of a video analysis of traffic by drone was chosen. The drone was placed at a height of 70m, which allowed us to have a usable video of all the entrances and exits of the roundabout.

Spot behaviours, understand slowdowns, solve congestion

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