Julie graduated with a Master 2 in Sustainable Development and Planning with a specialization in Space Mobility and Planning, Transport Course at the University of Montpellier III. In regards to mobility, she is an expert!

She was a Research Officer for the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Council before joining ALYCE in 2012 as a GIS Transport and Sustainable Development Research Officer.

Today, Manager of the Toulouse agency and the Dataviz department of ALYCE, she is THE specialist in the field of GIS applied to transport and mobility:

– Mastery and analysis of stakeholder systems and business needs
– Processing and enhancement of mobility data collections by integration into geographic information systems: transport data expertise (GTFS, NEPTUNE, NeTEx, network topology, etc.)
– Production of Dashboards, maps and representative indicators
– Orchestration and implementation of GIS-Web and data visualization solutions