Qualitative and quantitative surveys: ALYCE's core business

Analysing and understanding mobility on a territory, a line or a transport network implies characterising targeted user flows through counts and surveys. The collection of this information allows for a better understanding of the nature and profile of trips and users for the mode of transport under study.  

Origin / Destination Surveys //

Origin – destination surveys help in the decision making process for land use and infrastructure projects. They make it possible to establish trip matrices (volume of the flow between an origin and a destination) but also to collect information on the frequency, the reason or the journey times associated with these trips. 

Road traffic origin-destination surveys

Public transport origin - destination surveys

Origin - destination active travel surveys

Counting services //

Since its creation, ALYCE has been providing all types of counting services. Depending on the target users, and environmental, political and economic constraints we have a wide range of counting devices (both hardware and software) to offer customised services.

Road traffic counts

(motorways, urban centres, roads)

Active travel counts

(bikes, scooters)

Public transport counts

Parking survey //

Covering all modes of individual transport (cars, lorries, bicycles, etc.), this type of survey is used to study the supply of available parking, occupancy and/or turnover rates, special parking, compliance with regulations, etc.

Vehicle parking surveys

Bicycle parking surveys

Travel surveys //

Household travel surveys make it possible to establish a complete analysis of mobility in an area by characterising the entire travel chain of the inhabitants. They can therefore be used to inform all public planning policies, but also to evaluate and compare different spatial organisation scenarios. 

Household surveys

(face to face, telephone)

Customised mobility surveys

(web surveys, etc.)

We have an appropriate range of tools to conduct all types of studies.
Qualitative and quantitative surveys, discover the solution that suits you!

Marwan Chehimi

Manager of the Paris branch

Olivier Carbonaro

Manager of the Lyon branch

Christian Biyot

Manager of Travel Surveys