Next-generation sensor for real-time traffic analysis. Easy to install, cost-effective, and GDPR-compliant.

  • This system for producing statistical mobility measures relies on automated video processing and artificial intelligence.
  • It allows for a precise understanding of various mobility flows and is particularly suitable for applications such as traffic control and management, incident response, and infrastructure operation.

Local authorities


Departmental councils

Throughput & volumes

  • Sectional counts
  • Directional counts


  • Motorized vehicles: Car, Truck, Bus, Utility vehicle, Motorcycle
  • Active modes: Bicycle, Pedestrian


  • Speed by class
  • Travel time
  • Occupancy time

Behavioral analysis

  • Trajectories
  • Turnover rate
  • Alerts

Statistical data


1. Deployment

System installation On urban furniture installation . It's composed of a Camera and enclosure installation Local computing installation The "on-premise" version of OBSERVER Live integrates AI on the client's own IT infrastructure.

2. Processing

Embedded Artificial Intelligence analyzes real-time traffic and transforms the video stream into anonymous statistics.


The aggregated data is instantly sent to the traffic supervision traffic system.

4. Operation

The operator is informed in real-time and monitors their performance indicators through continuous data feed.


  • Traffic regulation
  • Mobility analysis
  • User safety
  • Detection of dangerous behaviors
  • Parking survey
  • Development of new services

Strong points

  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Patented low-energy technology
  • No civil engineering required
  • High accuracy measurements
  • Interoperable data (API integration)
  • Robust system in operation
  • Customizable alerts
  • Traffic analysis solution using Artificial Intelligence selected by CEREMA

Integration modes //

Observer Smartbox

All-in-one system, installation on existing urban furniture.

On-site data processing in compliance with GDPR regulations.
Sending mobility statistics to a secure server.
Connection to the existing power supply network.
Adaptable to any type of environment (lamp post, pole, signage...).
Data available 24/7 (battery backup in case of power outage).

Observer box

Transforms conventional cameras into intelligent cameras.

On-site data processing in compliance with GDPR regulations.
Sending mobility statistics to a secure server.
Power connection to the existing network.
Compatible with the leading brands of cameras on the market.
Data available 24/7 (battery backup in case of power outage).
Outdoor enclosure to facilitate maintenance of ALYCE services.

Observer server

Artificial intelligence module applied to a video stream.

In-house production of statistical data.
Real-time traffic monitoring and regulation.
Sending alerts.
1 server required for all video streams.
API integration into any supervision software.

They're using Observer Live //

Parking occupancy and dynamic signage.

"The partnership with ALYCE enables
coastal municipalities to meet their expectations regarding measurement and information feedback on
parking occupancy.
ALYCE listens
to our needs and strives to adapt the devices
to best meet the identified needs
in our coastal areas."

GIP Littoral
Elise Couturier
Deputy Director

Analysis of traffic flow within the urban area (traffic monitoring).

Regulation of construction site heavy truck traffic flow (protected site).

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