With a Master’s degree from INSA Lyon in construction mechanical engineering, Olivier is the manager of the Lyon agency. He started his professional career by joining ALYCE as a Field Investigator while he was still a student. A proven field man with unfailing practical sense, Olivier quickly took on the role of team leader. He recruits and trains traffic surveyors while conducting major traffic surveys at ALYCE. Olivier can be summed up as: Reliable, responsible and autonomous. He has been working for 20+ years in the collection of travel data and is experienced in all types of collection: traffic surveys, counts, interviews etc. Olivier is a professional in this matter and has been running the sales and ALYCE production operations for the “southern” regions.

He oversees all activities:
– Customer relationship
– Staff and Resources Management
– General management of surveys: preparation and development
– Checking the consistency of surveys
– Analysis of results and reporting of surveys