2022 retrospective: the 4 news that marked the year at ALYCE

The year 2022 has been rich in terms of events and news in the mobility and smart city sector. It is through the great successes of our customers and our internal achievement that we wanted to retrace this beautiful year at ALYCE.


Our clients' success stories

In France


The RATP and SNCF wanted to update their understanding of the ridership on Europe’s most used line. After conducting a first survey in 2018 with +1.4million passengers counted, ALYCE was chosen to renew this project in 2022. This large-scale operation mobilized technicians, experts and our automated video processing capabilities using artificial intelligence to carry out this exhaustive count. The traffic measurements provided will help in the decision-making process and in the optimization of operations on the line.

Low Emission Zones (LEZ)

To fight against air pollution, the government has been encouraging cities to set up low emission zones for several years. This is especially the case for the cities of Paris and Strasbourg, for which we have conducted surveys to help them understand travel flows and facilitate the implementation of LEZs. The operational implementation of this mission was carried out by positioning smart cameras on the strategic study axes of the 4th quarter of 2022. The measurements provided a precise vision of the volumes, the categorization of the vehicles fleet on the road as well as the year of circulation.

Survey in Clermont-Ferrand

The public transport syndicate of the Clermont-Ferrand agglomeration has called upon ALYCE to update its knowledge on the mobility practices of the Clermont-Ferrand Metropolis residents. For this purpose, we carried out a survey (called Household Travel Survey) in order to collect the travel practices of the people living in the territory, coupled with a complementary travel monitoring survey for the voluntary respondents.


Ivory Coast

Within the framework of the “Grand Abidjan” Traffic Plan, ALYCE went on site in order to carry out several counts with the following objectives:

  • A more efficient use of the existing urban transport infrastructures or those under construction.
  • A more effective regulation of traffic flows and parking in the metropolitan area of Abidjan.
  • Improving the performance of the existing urban transport system, particularly public transport.


Every summer, the state of Luxembourg organizes the “Vélo Summer”: an event in favor of soft modes of transport. The country closes some roads initially intended for motorists to make way for bicycles. It is in this context that we have been working for 3 years now, in order to carry out counts and to allow the country to have precise data on the use of these roads by cyclists.

Conferences and expert workshops

As professionals of mobility, various experts of ALYCE spoke throughout the year during conferences and workshops in France, but also on the African continent. 

Mobility & Energy Day

Organized by the French Tech Paris Saclay and Versailles Grand Parc, this day gathered the key actors of the mobility and energy sectors of the Paris-Saclay area.
On this occasion, our Business Development Director, Sébastien GOMES, took the floor to explain how our solution Observer by ALYCE helps smart cities to understand the mobility issues on their territories.

Conferences at the ATEC Congress

We were present at the 49th ATEC congress which gathered all the actors of the smart mobility field.

Our experts broached the technical aspect and feedback concerning :

  • Data fusion to understand and observe road mobility
  • Automated video processing applied to traffic counting

Sustainable Mobility and Climate Week 2022

In Senegal, ALYCE participated in Sustainable Mobility and Climate Week in early October 2022.

Organized by the CODATU Association, CETUD and the Climate Chance Association, this event brings together key actors in the fields of sustainable mobility, climate action and biodiversity throughout the continent of Africa to advance the topics and mobility projects in the cities of the South.

We brought our insights on the digitalization of data in public transport services to our peers from Transdev, Mobilise your city, CETUD and GART.

This high-level meeting resulted in the drafting of the “Dakar Declaration”: a contribution ahead of the COP27 which took place one month later in Egypt.

Africa-France Forum

Accompanying African countries in urban planning and development has been one of the core missions of ALYCE, since the very first days of existence. This year has been particularly dense in survey and counting missions. This presence & local experience allowed us to be integral during the Africa-France forum which took place in Tunis. Our data scientist Mona ABID spoke at the opening of the forum alongside state actors, as well as during the expert workshop on the theme of intelligent mobility.

ALYCE in the media

The year 2022 was under the sign of media visibility for ALYCE. Here are the most important items:

Interview of Sébastien Gomes

Interview of François Gau

Article in Le Parisien

Interview of Ismaël Hachem

Report in France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Interview of Frédéric Lardeur

Collaborations with new partners


Our solutions have been included in the UGAP (Union of public purchasing groups) catalog. The public buyers can now buy the traffic analysis systems by IA Observer & MyGIS dataviz directly through the UGAP without going through the tender process.


A new partnership has been created with the Dutch consultancy Mobycon. Their goal: To advise and support public actors in the planning and implementation of sustainable mobility in Europe, Canada and the USA.

They chose our AI-as-a-service solution to analyze travel flows on the bridges of The Hague. Today, more than 1 million objects are analyzed per counting station.

France Sustainable City

We are now part of the France Ville Durable ecosystem. This association gathers in the same group of reflection and action the State, the communities & the companies, in order to diffuse the best tools and operational solutions to accelerate the ecological, social and economic transition of the territories.


At the very beginning of the year, we won the call for experimentation launched by the City of Paris & the Paris2Connect group.

Through our live traffic analysis and understanding module, we help the city to manage its territory and to better understand the uses of public space to prevent risky situations.

This 2022 report shows that ALYCE, historically a small service provider, has successfully transformed itself into a company that has diversified its offer with the addition of technical and technological bricks, always with the aim of maximizing the lessons learned from data that is observed in the field. This news confirms the dynamic of innovation that ALyce has sustained since last year and sets the tone for our future projects in 2023.

Mobility is changing, and so are the territories and the solution providers.