Traffic counting on temporary bike paths


A topical development that perfectly illustrates the concept of tactical urban planning, the "corona cycleways" (bicycle lanes created recently in response to the need for individual transport in the city), are booming. From Bogota to New York and from Paris to Marseilles, many cities have chosen to make bike paths available to users during the lockdown release period. 

This type of development is a quick way to relieve congestion on public transport at a time when social distancing is required. In addition, these developments are pleasing to cycling aficionados, environmentalists and all users who favour this type of transport for its economic and physical benefits.

Do these tracks cause a reduction in car traffic or shift it to the remaining traffic lanes? 

How does this new urban mobility connect and what is its impact? How can these temporary facilities be made permanent?

In order to obtain initial answers to these problems, it is customary to carry out counting campaigns which will serve as a basis for larger scale mobility studies. In order to obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback on these new bike paths, several conurbations have called on ALYCE to assist them in the collection, counting andanalysis of bicycle traffic


Measuring the use of bike paths

City of Marseille

All-mode counts

Nantes Metropolis

Mixed site bicycle counts

Aix-en-Provence conurbation

All-mode counts

Quimper conurbation

Traffic counts for all modes

European Metropolis of Lille

Bicycle counts on dedicated tracks

City of Valence

Mixed site bicycle counts

CA Saint-Germain Boucles de Seine

Bicycle counts on mixed sites and dedicated tracks

Methodology used

ALYCE equips the road with counting devices. 

  • In the case of mixed lanes, counting is carried out with automatic counting cameras.  
  • In the case of dedicated lanes, counting is done with pneumatic tubes 
  • In parallel and simultaneously with the bicycle counts, it is possible to measure vehicle traffic to analyse the modal shift. 
Depending on the device installed, ALYCE is able to quickly return the counts in order to establish a weekly report.

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