Passenger Counting in Transportation: Technologies, Advantages, Disadvantages

As a research manager, operations manager, or part of the Marketing Department of a public transport network, you surely need to objectively measure the ridership. This article, dedicated to passenger counting in transportation (trains, metro, buses, trams, etc.), has been specifically written to help you adopt the most effective operational method.

Corona cycleways

Cycle counts corona cycleways

Tomorrow's mobility is being played out today: measure the effectiveness of your temporary facilities! Nantes, Lille, Marseille… Many conurbations use Alyce to analyse bicycle traffic on corona cycleways and the resulting modal shift.


Floating Car Data: Alyce/Here Technologies partnership

Providing reliable and usable data is our primary concern. This is why we have been working with HERE Technologies for a year now, to exploit the #FCD data with which we have set up various services and products for #mobility professionals enabling them to measure, analyse and manage traffic flows.